Monday 21 July 2014

A Nice Surprise! - 'Art of the Day' on Artfinder

Some good news to tell you about... I just received a nice email from informing me that "A Dayglow Summer in Owlers Wood" is today's Art of the Day!

It's a screen print of Owlers Wood (in Slaithwaite) that I produced in 2012. I would tell you the full story behind the print, but you can read all about it over here :)

Thursday 17 July 2014

Screen Printed CD Covers for Matt Robson

I was busy at West Yorkshire Print Workshop on Monday, screen printing CD covers for Matt Robson's new album. It's very limited - only 20 copies available (with the decline in record sales that should be enough to get him into the album charts). You can also get it as a digital download.

I've been designing Matt's sleeves for many years now - since 2002 (back then he was recording as randomNumber).

I used to provide live video projections at his gigs too. The sleeve art and projections I was doing for him back in the noughties have had a big influence on the screen prints I produce now – so, it's nice that I'm now screen printing his sleeves.

Printing went like this...

And the finished product looks like this...

I'm very pleased with how they turned out :)

The album will be out very soon on Squirrel Records.

Monday 21 October 2013

'The Real Print Show' Launch

A good time was had by all on Saturday - Martha got to meet a horse in the morning, and then there was 'The Real Print Show' launch in the afternoon...

June Russell has done a really great job of curating 'The Real Print Show' at Fabric Gallery in Bradford. There's a varied of mix of prints on show - different types of printmaking, and contrasting visual styles. I'm not sure how many people will get to see it, as it's in a quiet part of the city with not too much footfall - so if you're interested in printmaking I'd urge you to go along and take a look (it's on until Saturday 14th December).

I'm pleased to have four of my screen prints in the exhibition, including a new print of Huddersfield's historic Beaumont Park, which is getting it's first public outing.

I got to meet some of the other printmakers, which was nice. Enjoyed chatting about people's work and finding out about about how they go about creating it.

Here's a few pics from the exhibition... oh, and Martha meeting that horse!

Martha (and Leighanne) meet a Horse

The Real Print Show...
James Bywood

Sarah Harris

Moira McTague

Cath Brooke

Ruth Fettis

Angie Rogers

Angie Rogers

Janis Goodman

Sarah Harris
Dan Booth

You can find out more about 'The Real Print Show' at

Sunday 13 October 2013

'The Real Print Show' at Fabric, Bradford

Today I had a nice day out delivering screen prints to The Fabric Gallery in Bradford, ready for 'The Real Print Show', which starts next weekend.

I'm really looking forward to being a part of this exhibition in my former hometown (Huddersfield now feels completely like home to me - I absolutely love the place!). I have a lot of fond memories of Bradford, plus it's where my art & design education began (many years ago at Bradford College). So it's nice to be back there and to be contributing towards cultural happenings in the city.

The launch event for 'The Real Print Show' is on Saturday 19th October, 1 - 3pm. All are welcome. This coincides with Bradford Science Festival 2013 and Reflections event in Centenary Square, so there should be lots going on in Bradford that day!

The printmakers involved in the exhibition are:

Ruth Fettis
Anita Whittle
Angie Rogers
James Bywood
Sarah Harris
Dan Booth
Cath Brooke
Moira McTague
Hester Cox
Emily Harvey
Janis Goodman
Lesley Birch

The exhibition is being curated by the very talented June Russell.

'The Real Print Show' is on until Saturday 14th December, so there's plenty of time to go and see it.

For more details visit the Fabric website...

Thursday 26 September 2013

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!

Oh dear... I've been sadly neglecting my blog for most of this year (which is a shame cos there's actually been lots of interesting stuff I could've been telling you about... new studio in Slaithwaite, the Birds exhibition I curated for Art Station). Anyway I just logged in for the first time since February and found this draft I never got around to posting! Oh well, here's some very, very, very late news to tell you about......

I had my first go at running craft stall. I thought I'd let you know how it went.

Slaithwaite Methodist Church looking festive for the Moonraking Festival Handmade trail.

I was asked if I wanted to take part in the Moonraking Handmade Trail at Slaithwaite Methodist Church (part of the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival). Initially I was going to turn it down, because I really didn't think I'd have enough prints to fill a stall (as it turns out I did). Anyway, I decided to give it a go. I thought it would be good experience and a nice little event for my first foray into the world of the craft stall (and even if I didn't sell anything it would be an opportunity to get a bit of publicity and hand out a few business cards).

As it turned out, it couldn't have gone much better. I sold 3 prints and 44 postcards in just 3 hours. All the local Slawit people loved my wintery print of the radio transmitters at Pole Moor. I was quite surprised by this. It was interesting to find out how attached everyone is to these two aerials perched on the hill above Slaithwaite - so it's not just me that is fascinated by them.

My stall looked exactly like this

All in all a very positive experience. Look forward to doing it again sometime.

Friday 15 February 2013

Postcards for Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival

I'm really pleased with how these postcards turned out. I got them printed to sell at Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival. I've got a stall there as part of the Hand Made Trail.

I thought it would be nice to have something cheap and cheerful to sell. With the tripple dip recession looming, not everyone can afford to splash out on a limited edition screen print :-)

The Hand Made Trail is on from 2 - 6pm on Saturday 23rd February. Followed by the festival finale (starting at 6pm), with it's lantern procession and other crazy shenanigans.

For more info take a look at the Moonraking website or Facebook page.

This will be a first for me... I've never run a craft stall before. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out. Watch this space.

Oopss! Nearly forgot to say... I'll be selling my wares in the Methodist Church.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Sorting out things for the Radiant Works Christmas Open Day

Bright Wave Screen Prints

Been busy sorting out my Bright Wave prints for the Radiant Works Christmas Open Day this Saturday (15th December).

The studios are open from 1 until 4pm. So if your in Huddersfield this Saturday doing you're Christmas shopping, why not pop in for a mince pie and some mulled wine. For more info take a look at the Radiant Works Facebook page.

If it's anything like last years open day it should be a lot of fun!