Monday 21 October 2013

'The Real Print Show' Launch

A good time was had by all on Saturday - Martha got to meet a horse in the morning, and then there was 'The Real Print Show' launch in the afternoon...

June Russell has done a really great job of curating 'The Real Print Show' at Fabric Gallery in Bradford. There's a varied of mix of prints on show - different types of printmaking, and contrasting visual styles. I'm not sure how many people will get to see it, as it's in a quiet part of the city with not too much footfall - so if you're interested in printmaking I'd urge you to go along and take a look (it's on until Saturday 14th December).

I'm pleased to have four of my screen prints in the exhibition, including a new print of Huddersfield's historic Beaumont Park, which is getting it's first public outing.

I got to meet some of the other printmakers, which was nice. Enjoyed chatting about people's work and finding out about about how they go about creating it.

Here's a few pics from the exhibition... oh, and Martha meeting that horse!

Martha (and Leighanne) meet a Horse

The Real Print Show...
James Bywood

Sarah Harris

Moira McTague

Cath Brooke

Ruth Fettis

Angie Rogers

Angie Rogers

Janis Goodman

Sarah Harris
Dan Booth

You can find out more about 'The Real Print Show' at

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