Thursday 17 July 2014

Screen Printed CD Covers for Matt Robson

I was busy at West Yorkshire Print Workshop on Monday, screen printing CD covers for Matt Robson's new album. It's very limited - only 20 copies available (with the decline in record sales that should be enough to get him into the album charts). You can also get it as a digital download.

I've been designing Matt's sleeves for many years now - since 2002 (back then he was recording as randomNumber).

I used to provide live video projections at his gigs too. The sleeve art and projections I was doing for him back in the noughties have had a big influence on the screen prints I produce now – so, it's nice that I'm now screen printing his sleeves.

Printing went like this...

And the finished product looks like this...

I'm very pleased with how they turned out :)

The album will be out very soon on Squirrel Records.

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